Browning Trail Cameras – Some of the Best

The Browning line of trail cameras is extensive and thorough. Solid and durable, these cameras come with a variety of specifications and options. With many options to choose from, the hunter can choose the Browning product that best fits his needs.

Browning Strike Force trail camera

Browning Strike Force trail camera

The popular “Strike Force Sub Micro” has a 100 foot flash range, allowing for a good degree of nighttime photography. It records videos that are HD quality and last up to 2 minutes in length. The alternative “Dark Ops” model has a strong range of 70 feet for flash capture, and takes the same HD quality videos. However, the “Dark Ops” model also boasts a quicksilver time of .67 seconds on the second trigger, which allows the hunter to capture all the relevant motion in a given area without a slower reload period.

Both of those cameras give today’s hunter a good tool to use when setting up their tracking plans. The “Recon Force XR” however, offers the best of both of those models, albeit for a higher price tag. The “Recon Force XR” model has the same 100 foot flash range as the Strike force, but also the super quick .67 second time on the second trigger. Depending on your needs, any of the choices above could fit what you are looking for. There are other comparable choices to the above base units, such as the “Special Ops XR” or the “Range Ops XR” that are similar to the above listed cameras but have subtle design modifications. Read and research tons of Browning trail camera reviews and you will see these micro sized game cameras come highly recommended. Examine your personal needs carefully and make an informed choice as to which features you need.

The Browning trail camera accessory line is custom designed to meet the needs of today’s hunter. The accessories are designed for compatibility with the Browning trail camera line and are made with the same durability and toughness. Once you decide which Browning trail camera to purchase, the next order of business is to get that camera placed properly. The Browning tree mount is constructed from heavy-duty 12 gauge steel. The unit is powder coated for additional protection. Its weather-proof nature provides a long life in the outdoors. In addition to its durable core, it contains no plastic parts that can break off and cause the unit to need repair.

Once you have chosen your trail camera, ventured out into the field, and mounted it in the perfect spot…make sure it stays there. With wild animals curiously inspecting the camera over long periods of time, any mount can become loose. If you have invested a significant amount of money in your trail camera, you want to rest assured that it will remain secure. The Browning Python adjustable locking cable will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Made from cut-resistant, 5/16 inch braided steel cable, this accessory provides a strong, secure mooring for your camera and your mounting device that is second to none.

The Browning line of trail cameras, tree mount systems and locking cables give today’s hunter the solid, durable options that he needs to succeed in the field.

Trail Camera Flash Types

There are two common types of trail cameras for deer hunting which a lot of deer hunters would claim to be truly efficient. One is the infrared flash camera and the other is called the incandescent flash camera. Both cameras are very effective in capturing clear pictures even during night time when you are out on food plotting or when you are looking for deer trail. The question that is probably running on your mind now is – which among these cameras is the best?

Infrared Trail Cameras

The infrared trail camera is among the latest trail cameras for deer hunting that are out in the market today. The camera has become very popular ever since it was first released in the market. The reason for its popularity is because of its outstanding photography capabilities.

The infrared trail camera is capable of working off of heat sensors. This camera works by detecting the amount of heat that an object would emit and then color coding such object in accordance to the amount of the infrared radiation that it has emitted. The infrared camera is a better option among the trail cameras for deer hunting because of the highly innovative infrared technology as well as its extended battery life.

Flash Trail Cameras

Another camera for hunting is the flash trail camera. It has an incandescent bulb which is similar to your usual digital camera. Whenever you press the trigger of the camera to take a picture, the bulb would light up and the camera will then start to record whatever is in front of its lens.

This type of camera works in the same way as those trail cameras for deer hunting that have bulb lights, but on the flash trail cameras, the button is not pressed in the same way as that of the normal camera. Furthermore, the motion sensor is what triggers the camera to take a photo and while the camera records, the bulb would light up the area that is being recorded.

Which Camera to Choose?

Both cameras are actually highly recommended if you are looking for the best trail cameras for deer hunting. But if you want to find out more information about the features and specs of each camera, it is best that you do further research online before you decide to invest on one of them. As you know, these cameras do not come cheap so you must not waste your money into buying an unproductive camera for your deer hunting gear.
Aside from looking for information about the infrared trail cameras and flash trail cameras in the World Wide Web, you can actually choose to purchase the cameras online as well. Since more and more people are becoming interested on deer hunting, you will now find several online stores that sell all kinds of equipment and gears that any deer hunter would find useful. These stores also sell different kinds of trail cameras for deer hunting so better check out one of these stores now.